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Syllabus Outline:
Within this topic, candidates should show understanding of how Christian views on the sanctity of life, correction of nature and intervention in nature influence attitudes to the following: fertility and genetic treatments, cloning, and the appropriateness of embryonic research, including the question of hybrid embryos. They should also consider who, if anyone, should/should not have the right to such treatments and the implications for those involved in them and (where relevant) for resultant children.
Fertility Treatments
  • artificial insemination – by husband (AIH) or donor (DI/AID);
  • in vitro fertilisation (IVF);
  • surrogacy (as an alternative to standard fertility treatments).
Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering
  • saviour siblings;
  • somatic cell therapy;
  • designer babies.
  • reproductive cloning
  • stem cell (therapeutic) cloning

Saviour Siblings

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