Topic 4 – Good and Evil.
Syllabus Outline:
Good and evil
• Concepts of good and evil
• God and the Devil (Satan)
• The Fall, original sin and redemption
The problem of evil
• Concepts of natural and moral evil
• Approaches to why there is evil and suffering in the world
• Responses to the problem
Coping with suffering
• Understanding ways of coping with suffering
Sources and reasons for moral behaviour
• The Bible
• Conscience
• Faith in Christ

Topic 5 – Reason and Revelation.
Syllabus Outline:
Form and nature of revelation
• Concept of revelation
• Revelation through mystical and religious experience
• Revelation of God through the world
• Revelation of God in the person of Jesus
Authority and importance of sacred texts
• Authority of the Bible and reasons for it
• Significance and importance of the Bible

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Topic 6 – Religion and Science.
Syllabus Outline:
Origins of the world and life
• Scientific theories about the origins of the world and humanity
• Teachings about the origins of the world and humanity
• The relationship between scientific and religious understandings of the origins of the world and humanity
People and animals
• The place of humanity in relation to animals
• Attitudes to animals and their treatment
Environmental issues
• Responses to environmental issues
• Concept of stewardship
• Religious teachings relating to environmental issues