Topic 1 – Beliefs about Deity.
Syllabus Outline:
Nature of God
• Beliefs about the nature of God
Belief in God
• Reasons given in support of belief
• Concept of miracles, including different beliefs within the religion
• God intervening in the world through:
-- Miracles
-- Jesus
-- Holy Spirit
Christian Beliefs about the nature of God

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Topic 2 – Religious and Spiritual Experience.
Syllabus Outline:
Public and private worship
• Concept of worship
• Worship in a Christian place of worship and at home
• The use and significance of symbolism in worship
• Use of art and music to express beliefs about God
Prayer and meditation
• Concept of prayer
• The purpose and use of prayer to deepen faith
• The power of prayer and answered prayers
Food and fasting
• Concept of fasting
• Responses to God
• Food for festivals

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Topic 3 – The End of Life.
Syllabus Outline:
Body and soul
• Concept of soul
• The relationship between the body and soul
Life after death
• Concept of life after death
• Beliefs about:
-- Heaven
-- Hell
-- Purgatory
-- Salvation
-- Redemption
-- The suffering of Christ
-- Resurrection
• God as judge
• Relationship between God the judge, life on earth and the afterlife
Funeral rites
• Funeral rites
• The ways funeral rites reflect belief and aim to support the bereaved