Syllabus Outline
In this topic, candidates should show understanding of reasons for Jesus’ disputes with the Jewish authorities, and of the significance of the conflict stories for Christian attitudes to religious and secular authority and the issue of violent and non-violent protest. They should also show understanding of the significance of Jesus’ attitudes to the outcast for Christians today in relation to issues of justice, equality, prejudice and discrimination. Candidates should consider both the part played by faith in the healings of Jesus and modern debate relating to miracles and science.
  • Jesus and the Jewish authorities;
  • Jesus and the outcast;
  • Jesus and the sick;
  • The man with leprosy 1:40–44
  • The call of Levi and eating with sinners 2:13–17
  • The man with the paralysed (withered) hand 3:1–6
  • Jairus’ daughter and the woman with a haemorrhage 5:21–43
  • The Greek woman’s daughter 7:24–30
  • Blind Bartimaeus 10:46–52
  • The incident in the Temple court 11:15–18
  • Payment of taxes to Caesar 12:13–17

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