Topic 10- Peace and Justice.
Syllabus Outline:
Attitudes to war
• Attitudes towards war
• The Just War theory
Violence and pacifism
• Attitudes towards the use of violence
• Attitudes towards pacifism
• Reasons for these attitudes
Crime and punishment
• Concept of justice
• Aims of punishment
• Attitudes towards capital punishment
• Beliefs about the treatment of criminals
• Responses to the treatment of criminals
Social injustice
• Concept of social justice and injustice
• Beliefs about social injustice
• Responses to social injustice

Topic 11- Equality.
Syllabus Outline:
Principle of equality
• Biblical teaching about equality
Attitudes towards racism
• Different views about prejudice and equality in relation to race
• Practices in relation to racism
Attitudes towards gender
• Different views about prejudice and equality in relation to gender
• The role of women in Christian society
Attitudes to religion
• Attitudes towards other religions with reference to:
-- Missionary work
-- Evangelism
-- Ecumenism
Forgiveness and reconciliation
• Beliefs about forgiveness
• Impact of beliefs about forgiveness on believers
• Beliefs about reconciliation
• Impact of beliefs about reconciliation on believers

Topic 12- The Media.
Syllabus Outline:
Relationship with the media
• The different forms of media
• The influence of the media
• Portrayal of Christianity in the media
• Portrayal of important religious figures
• Responses and attitudes towards films which focus on religious/philosophical messages
• Responses and attitudes towards books and comics which focus on religious/ philosophical messages
Use of the media
• Using the media to represent Christianity
• To educate both Christians and non- Christians
Censorship/freedom of speech
• Concept of censorship and freedom of speech
• Beliefs and attitudes towards the portrayal of violence and sex
• Attitudes and responses to issues raised by freedom of speech

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