Topic 7- Human Relationships.
Syllabus Outline:
Roles of men and women in the family
• Roles of men and women in a Christian family
• Roles of men and women in the Church family
Marriage and marriage ceremonies
• Marriage ceremonies
• The ways in which the ceremonies reflect and emphasise Christian teaching about marriage
• Responses to civil partnerships
• Beliefs about the ethics of divorce
• Beliefs about the ethics of re-marriage
Sexual relationships and contraception
• Beliefs about sexual relationships
• Beliefs about contraception

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Topic 8- Medical Ethics.
Syllabus Outline:
Attitudes to abortion
• Different attitudes towards abortion
• Reasons for different attitudes
Attitudes to fertility treatment
• Responses to issues raised by fertility treatment and cloning
Attitudes to euthanasia and suicide
• Different attitudes towards euthanasia
• Different attitudes towards suicide
• Reasons for different attitudes
Using animals in medical research
• Beliefs about the use of animals in medical research
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Topic 9- Poverty and Wealth.
Syllabus Outline and Overview:
Religious views of wealth and the causes of hunger, poverty and disease
• Wealth
• Causes of hunger, poverty and disease
• Responses to the needs of the starving, the poor and the sick
Concern for others
• Biblical teaching about caring for others
• Understandings of ‘charity’
• Different ways charity is put into practice
The uses of money
• Teachings about the use of money (e.g. gambling, lending)
• Giving to charity
Moral and immoral occupations
• Concept of moral and immoral
• Teachings about moral and immoral occupations
• Impact of teachings on believers