Syllabus Outline
In this topic, candidates should understand how Mark’s portrayal of the disciples (particularly Peter) relates to the Twelve as disciples, leaders and role models, and assess the influence and function of modern leaders and celebrities as role models for Christians. They should understand the significance for Christians living in a materialist and secular world, of Jesus’ teaching on the nature of the Kingdom of God and his expectations of his disciples. They should also demonstrate awareness of modern examples of self-sacrifice and service.
  • The Twelve;
  • The kingdom of God and the demands of discipleship;
The significance of Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God;
The significance of Jesus’ teaching on discipleship for Christians, including modern examples of self-sacrifice and service;
The impact on Christians of attitudes to wealth and possessions in today’s society.
  • The call of the disciples 1:16–20
  • Parables of the kingdom 4:3–9, 14–20, 30–32
  • The mission of the Twelve 6:7–13
  • Cost of discipleship 8:34–38
  • The rich man and wealth 10:17–31
  • Teaching on service 10: 42–45
  • The greatest commandments 12: 28–34
  • The widow at the treasury12 41–44
  • Peter’s promise and denials 14:26–31, 66–72
  • The commission 16:14–18

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